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From Lone Stars to Grizzly Bears

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What’s up guys. Just wanted to check in and let you know what been going on. As some of you may know I recently moved from Dallas Texas to Southern California. Boy I’ll tell you what. The very first thing you’ll notice when you move here is the weather. Beautiful southern California weather is not a myth. In Dallas we’re used to extreme heat and extreme cold. Weather here is just right.

I’ve been settling into my new home, Fort Lewis, I call it. I bought a fixer upper just outside of Los Angeles. I’m a little far from the beach but still just a drive away. Being able to drive to the mountains for a hike in the morning and drive down to the beach for a get together with friends is pretty awesome.

I do miss the people in Dallas. People just seem a bit more friendly if you don’t know them but so far the people that I have met out here have been super friendly and welcoming. It’s funny too because from what I hear there’s a lot of people that are actually moving from California to Texas. A lot of businesses from what I hear are moving there because of tax friendly reasons.

Things are cheaper in Texas it seems. Homes are super expensive. Luckily I got a great deal on a home outside of LA but I’ve seen what some of those home cost that are closer to LA than mine. Prices really are astounding. But after living here now for a couple of months, I can see why people put up with the high cost of living and all the traffic. The traffic is horrible, but the food. The food is amazing.

In southern California you can pretty much find almost any food from anywhere in the world. Dallas has recently been improving in this department in the recent years and I’m guessing that its because of all the different people moving to Dallas for the lower cost of living and job opportunities.

The food here though just tastes amazing. Any ethnic food you can imagine is available here. And I have to confess, I used to be a Whataburger till I die guy, but I’ve had In-N-Out a few times now and I am sold. We recently started getting In-N-Out burgers in Dallas but I never really gave it a shot. I think it’s because all the folks if Dallas are a bit biased about their Whataburger because it almost seemed 50/50 over there. Some people like In-N-Out and some just didn’t so I never really got around to trying it while I lived out there. Big mistake.

I can now say without a doubt that an In-N-Out Double Double is officially now my new favorite hamburger. I don’t know what they put in those things that just make it taste so good. If you live in Texas are live near an In-N-Out burger and still haven’t tried it, please. Do yourself a favor and go try yourself a Double Double burger animal style. You will thank me.

Okay guys. It’s time for me to get back to working on the house. Just took a few minutes to share. Talk to you soon!

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